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Lego Man: Highlander (pencil coloured)

I love collecting mini figs. Some of you may know I collect “minimates”, 2 inch models of characters ranging from DC and Marvel superheroes, to Halo characters, Terminator and Ghostbusters. In 2010 Lego decided to release blind packs of “Collectable Minifigures” - sixteen minifigs per wave, ranging from warriors to sci-fi to monsters to just general characters. Personally I favor the warriors, sci fi and monster characters, and decided to do some random sketches to help get over my artist block.

The first guy is the Lego Highlander from the recently released wave 6. I didn’t quite sketch the complete detail on his torso, favoring more doing my own spin. The legs are a little uneven, I’m not too happy with the mouth and less said about the shape of the shield, the better (lets just say free hand circles aren’t my friend). I also (at the suggesting of my friend Aiden) coloured it in pencil before scanning. Sadly the room I did it in had only one working light and upon further expectation I missed about half the yellow on the face.

As with all my pictures, my plan is to re-work this digitally allowing me to fix the anatomy issues and re-try the slightly failed colouring. I also have a few more warriors I wish to sketch in the future, but for now…. There can be only one!