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My collection grows, first with my favourite of the ninja turtles. WHile I find the parts chosen to brick-build the Bo staff a bit odd, in general I love this mini fig and am looking to get the rest when I feel they’re at a fair price.

However I am looking to switch his Bo staff for the Naginata. The idea to replace some of the weapons for the new series is one of my favourite aspects of it; to me every new iteration of the TMNT franchise needs something unique, i.e. how the 2003 series was closer to the comics (no Bebop or Rockstead, Utrons instead of Krang, Shredder is a DANGEROUS threat) and here we have new weapons for some of the characters.

Lighting could be better on some of these but hey hoo.

The classic rivalry can now be carried out again thanks to the inclusion of a Pirate Captain in CMF wave 8.

Naturally we all know which one is going to win this fight ;). Free hint - he’s using his hook to hold down one of the opponent’s weapons.

Ninjago ZX Ninjas

After MONTHS of waiting for the Zane ZX booster pack to be released, I finally managed to get my hands on it at the weekend.

As I mentioned before, I am a huge fan of the designs of the ZX ninjas, and now that I have all four on my work desk, I can truly admire how unique all the designs are. I hope in the future to add on more indepth photos of them.

The one thing I do find weird though is Jay’s (the blue one) and Zane’s (the white one) weapons. The other two make sense and look amazing, but Jay’s is meant to be a sword…? Even though it’s blades on a saw? And I have no idea what Zane’s is. It’s shurikens on a stick (making it a spiked hammer according to previous releases) with a blade on a chain on the end. Is this meant to be some kind of variant of Kama and chain? It’s a shame as I like the “Gold Weapons” and like to pose the characters with them.

Expect more photos soon.

Minx Hamusta


Many moons ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth and all machinery was powered by steam, I mentioned I had passed on my old OC, Minx the Kung-Fu Hamster/Minx Hamusta to a former contact of mine in the spriting community, :devAkumaTH:. I also stated I would draw a picture of him as a final send off (though later came up with the idea of doing Minx vs Akuma; three guesses how well that’s gone).

Well despite the on-again-off-again artist block I have constantly suffered with I have succeeded in at least starting this picture. And thus, like with everything else I have drawn in 2012, it gets added to my gallery with the “Rough Sketch; please give me helpful critic so I can improve upon it when the moon turns blue and I actually carry on working with it” stamp I have often used.


Honestly, I’m happy with how this has come out. The anatomy, which I often struggle with is generally good and I like how his clothes have been done. Sure his neck may be too long, he has no hair, his face could do with work and his hands are too small and have no detail, but I am generally happy with what I have done so far and hope, unlike my other pieces, I can actually move forward with this one.

Plus, it felt good to go back to Minx. I’ve been meaning to revise his sprites a little more to help Akuma (even though it breaks a small vow I made with myself) but honestly, the  character vanished from the line light in my work as time went on, so it was good to put the spotlight back on him.

If you never saw the original article, it can be found here.

As I’ve said before, I really like the design of the ZX Ninjas from 2012 Ninjago, as well as the buildable weapons. So far I have Cole and Jay, and look forward to the spinners and booster packs containing the last three.

As I’m more interested in the figs than the spinner game, I would prefer to get them lose off eBay instead of the pack with the spinners in (the booster pack isn’t too bad though). However buying them lose can be expensive (I’ve seen a Kai ZX go for £7.99!), especially if I want to get all the accessories he’d have come with in the spinner (said example has two black katanas).

The ZX Ninjas on Flickr.

Jay ZX

I LOVE collecting mini figs. Whether it’s Lego or Minimates, there’s this appeal to them that I can’t quite put into proper words. Maybe it’s the fact they’re so small but, if done well, have amazing detail. Maybe it’s because they have that “Got To Catch Them All” approach. Maybe it allows me to relive my childhood. Honestly, I don’t know, but I do know one thing – I am a big fan of Lego’s Ninjago line.

Up until about a year or so ago I had pretty much lost touch with Lego. Sure, I still had the odd set kicking around from my childhood and I had picked up the odd licensed minifig for my collection, but the “pure” Lego I knew was something I’d hardly interacted with. Growing up as both a Martial Artist and a TMNT fan, when the original Ninja Lego line was released in 1998, I wanted to collect it so badly but knew it would be looked down upon by my peers (it’s weird how during my teens it would be considered a bad thing, but now I’m in my twenties I can collect it and have friends and colleagues agree it’s cool). I will admit I got a few sets but kept it secret. I’m not sure how but in 2011 I stumbled across the Ninjago line. It interested me but I didn’t rush out to buy it.

However in 2012, the line continued and my interest has grown, partly due to the “ZX” Ninjas. I just love the re-designs shown on these models. The front and back torso are nicely done, as are the new masks and shoulder pads. The shoulder pads also allow you to hold two Katana swords, which is a great improvement over the original “mask/holder”, though that was by no means a bad thing. At the moment I only have the Jay ZX fig, but as time goes on I hope to get the others, especially the Green Ninja. For now, he’ll sit on my office desk alone, waiting for me to get his allies.

I quite like the Jay ZX figure as a while. I like the fact his right arm is grey, to show the fact the armour on his torso wraps around his arm as well. Apparently the “Golden Weapon” in the pictures above is meant to be some double bladed sword. I do think it’s a nice use of parts but it just looks weird. I do however really like the spear, which is something I’d been trying to get my hands on for a while (this came with the promotional Kendo Jay pack). I am fond of how Ninjago has buildable weapons as well as simple molded ones and I’m tempted to buy multiple versions of each one for parts I can mix and match.

Hazel Thorn - Bust Shot

I’ve been a long time friend and supporter of CreativeFailZone for a while now. As an artist I’ve often turned to him for help and advice, as a man in my (alas late) twenties, turned to him for an ear when life kicks me in the balls, as a fan shown my support for his OCs and characters and finally offered my own advice, be it art or life based where possible.

A few months back CFZ drew my OCs Silrun and Noir in an attempt to help me re-design them. As my way of saying thanks I promised to return the favor some time. A few days ago CFZ released this bust shot of Hazel Thorn and I was inspired to draw my own version. I will admit I pretty much copied it the way he did it (though to be fair I’m not sure how else one can do such a bust shot without making it look very similar to the inspiration).

The picture was a quick sketch which I inked, so I do feel there is a bit of a rough quality to the picture. As a result, some of the anatomy and curves are off and the face and pigtails could do with some work but having been in an artist block for so long and struggling to get other human sketches to look half as good I am generally pleased with the results. My intention is to re-draw the image in flash or “vector” it, allowing me to fix the flaws and then colour it. I’m also planning to do similar pictures of some of his other characters like Raymond, as well as some of my own.

Also available on my DA account Hazel Thorn - Bust Shot