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Minx Hamusta


Many moons ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth and all machinery was powered by steam, I mentioned I had passed on my old OC, Minx the Kung-Fu Hamster/Minx Hamusta to a former contact of mine in the spriting community, :devAkumaTH:. I also stated I would draw a picture of him as a final send off (though later came up with the idea of doing Minx vs Akuma; three guesses how well that’s gone).

Well despite the on-again-off-again artist block I have constantly suffered with I have succeeded in at least starting this picture. And thus, like with everything else I have drawn in 2012, it gets added to my gallery with the “Rough Sketch; please give me helpful critic so I can improve upon it when the moon turns blue and I actually carry on working with it” stamp I have often used.


Honestly, I’m happy with how this has come out. The anatomy, which I often struggle with is generally good and I like how his clothes have been done. Sure his neck may be too long, he has no hair, his face could do with work and his hands are too small and have no detail, but I am generally happy with what I have done so far and hope, unlike my other pieces, I can actually move forward with this one.

Plus, it felt good to go back to Minx. I’ve been meaning to revise his sprites a little more to help Akuma (even though it breaks a small vow I made with myself) but honestly, the ┬ácharacter vanished from the line light in my work as time went on, so it was good to put the spotlight back on him.

If you never saw the original article, it can be found here.