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"now the fool seeks to return to the past and—"

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TMNT 2k3 - Then and Now

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hipster hamster


hipster hamster

Gokai Changes - One-Colour Sets

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The car enthusiast, who is a member of the U.S. Military, hated the car’s silver color. One evening, he let his wife doodle on a few scratches on the bumper, and when the sun came up and he saw her stunningly intricate and elegant drawings, they knew they had to forge on. While he worked on tuning the insides, she drew on the car.

After roughly 100 hours of work and several clear coats to protect the design, they had an impressively beautiful car that they had tuned up as a team! (x)

relationship goalllllssssss….ugh this is so beautiful I can’t even handle myself. 


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I’m borrowing GO POP YOUR SHELF from Pop Goes Manila (just for today) to feature this jaw-droppingly awesome Funko Pop Vinyl collection from Mr. Florencio Go.

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WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! It’s a Pop Vinyl heaven right there. When I saw this I didn’t have any words at all. Now, all I can say…


Yessss! Finally done! This took FOREVER!
I hope y’all like it! <3


Yessss! Finally done! This took FOREVER!

I hope y’all like it! <3

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ニンテンドー3DS用ソフト「仮面ライダー トラベラーズ戦記」PV (x)

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Недавно пересмотрела первый фильм. До сих пор считаю его лучшим.

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